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- Purified water is the safest option:

Water purified by Reverse Osmosis with a Total Dissolved Solid content of UNDER 20 ppm is the best alternative for our bodies.


- Is it safe to drink tap water?

Read these excerpts and decide for yourself:
"An unregulated class of contaminants known as PPCPs or Pharmaceutical and Personal Care Pollutants has been found in waterways contributing to municipal water supplies.
Scientists have said that exposure to even tiny amounts may result in cumulative risks, which studies have linked with declining fertility in humans as well as cancers and other diseases." Do you want to take that risk?

by Joseph Verrengia, Associated Press, published in the Monterey County Herald, March 14th 2002

- Is mineral water better than highly purified water?

Your main source of minerals should be from the foods that you eat, not from water. Ingesting large amounts of minerals from other sources like mineral waters may create health complications like joint pain, kidney disease, arthritis, etc.

- Will boiling tap water remove the contaminants?

Although boiling will remove volatile contaminants such as chlorine, most pollutants will remain in the water after boiling. If you make coffee with tap water, some chlorine may remain, since the water is not boiled.

- Will drinking sodas, tea or coffee help my hydration?

Water containing a high amount of dissolved solids is not effective for hydration. The result is a build up of fluids outside the cells which creates swelling and a more toxic environment for your body. Diuretics such as caffeine have a net dehydrating effect. The phosphates in sodas also rob the body of oxygen.

- Why Reverse Osmosis?

For most people who are conscious of their water needs and water quality, the safest water is one purified by Reverse Osmosis process, and the most cost effective solution is a point of use (POU) Reverse Osmosis system. Ranging between $200 and $900 depending on quality and performance, under the sink Reverse Osmosis systems provide a convenient and inexpensive way of obtaining pure water you can rely on. Many people prefer it because, regardless of cost, it is the ONLY way to guarantee that the water quality is up to the recommended standards.

- My health food store has Deionized water, is that good for me?

Deionization is a good additional stage when the source water has over 250 ppm of TDS as in most California water supplies. This process utilizes a Deionization resin which captures the excess contamination that the Reverse Osmosis membrane and filters leave behind. This type of water can be obtained at quality commercial sources or it can be made at the point of use by an under the sink Reverse Osmosis DI. The purity of this water is equivalet to distilled water and it is most desirable for people that can have allergies (often undetected) to water borne contaminants even in small concentrations.

- Will drinking distilled water leach the minerals out of my body?

No, it will not. The moment distilled water mixes with even a small amount of any food, it is no longer distilled. Pure water will contribute to cleanse your body of toxins.

There is no scientific evidence that drinking distilled water will deplete you of any nutrients. The only theoretical case to avoid would be if you would go into a prolonged fast and drank only distilled water.




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