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What are the benefits of drinking Pure Water?

Drinking water throughout the day (one glass every 20-30 minutes) will help your body function at optimal levels. Drinking abundant water can have rejuvenating effects, can improve memory and concentration, it can reduce joint pain, chronic fatigue and allergy symptoms, it can also reduce the risk of cancer by 50 to 80%.

Your body's disease fighting capabilities are enhanced when cells are well hydrated. When cells are fully hydrated they produce more repair proteins and white blood cells. This helps combat infections, allergens and inflammation.

- What type of water is best for me?

Purified water is the safest option: Water purified by Reverse Osmosis with a Total Dissolved Solid content of UNDER 20 ppm is the best alternative for our bodies.

- Is it safe to drink tap water?

If your tap water meets EPA drinking water standards as required by the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) it is safe to drink it. Most people have hard water, which is caused by Calcium and Magnesium, drinking these minerals is actually beneficial to your health and have no negative side effects.

- Is mineral water better than highly purified water?

Your main source of minerals should be from the foods that you eat, not from water. Ingesting large amounts of minerals from other sources like mineral waters may create health complications like joint pain, kidney disease, arthritis, etc.

- Is it safe to drink salt softened water?

Salt based water softeners replace the beneficial Calcium and Magnesium with salt ions. It is not healthy to drink that extra salt, especially if you are in a low salt diet. If your water is very hard we recommend no salt hard water treatment technologies like ScaleWatcher products.

- Will boiling tap water remove the contaminants?

Although boiling will remove volatile contaminants such as chlorine, most pollutants will remain in the water after boiling. If you make coffee with tap water, some chlorine may remain, since the water is not boiled.

- Will drinking sodas, tea or coffee help my hydration?

Water containing a high amount of dissolved solids is not effective for hydration. The result is a build up of fluids outside the cells which creates swelling and a more toxic environment for your body. Diuretics such as caffeine have a net dehydrating effect. The phosphates in sodas also rob the body of oxygen.

- Why Reverse Osmosis?

For most people who are conscious of their water needs and water quality, the safest water is one purified by Reverse Osmosis process, and the most cost effective solution is a point of use (POU) Reverse Osmosis system. Ranging between $200 and $900 depending on quality and performance, under the sink Reverse Osmosis systems provide a convenient and inexpensive way of obtaining pure water you can rely on. Many people prefer it because, regardless of cost, it is the ONLY way to guarantee that the water quality is up to the recommended standards.


  Our ScaleWatcher Hard Water treatment products have the health benefits of keeping Calcium and Magnesium in your water.


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