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How Mind & Sound Affect Health

The concept is that:
- Sound has the ability to affect and change physical molecular structure
- Your intention and your thoughts have the same ability

The book "THE MESSAGES FROM WATER" by Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto describes his experiments with frozen water crystals taken from both natural and chemically-treated or polluted water sources, showing that the crystalline patterns in frozen water give a message as to the water's basic structure and symmetry. Clean and pure water, from natural and unpolluted sources, shows brilliant and sparkling snowflake patterns, rich in color and luminosity.


By contrast, water from chemically-treated sources, or polluted waters, shows flat and dull patterns, lacking in structure or color. The water crystals also respond to human activity and to music. One can immediately see which water is more alive and life-enhancing.

When heavy metal music was played, the crystals that formed were not beautiful, but were shattered particles. When negative words like "I hate you, I will kill you" were spoken as the water froze, the water shape that formed were also shattered and ugly, no crystals here. When the words "devil" or "demon" was spoken as the water crystal froze, each took on a disordered and evil appearance, again no crystalline shape. However, when the word "angel" or "thank you" were spoken, the water formed beautiful crystalline structures each uniquely reflecting the energy of the words spoken.

These photographs show proof that sound has the ability to affect and change physical structure, and with regard to the molecular structure of water, that our intent and our thoughts have the same ability, or shall we call it POWER?. This may have great implications for the future of both personal and planetary harmony and healing.

Click this title to see Pictures of water crystals under different circumstances and interviews with Mr. Emoto, then come back to this page to continue enhancing your awareness.

Now think about this: If your thoughts can do this to the water alone.

Can you imagine what thoughts (yours or other's) or music can do to your brain and your health? Remember, your brain is 75% water, and your blood is 83% water!

Try to always drink water infused with positive energy.

Further proof of these facts is nicely portrayed in the recent movie "What the blip...", some of my friends have gone to watch it more than six times!

Another dimension: Plants are 80% water... this hinges with ANOTHER BLESSING AND GIFT: SONIC BLOOM, plant growth stimulation with sound and organic nutrients.


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