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Electronic Descaling Technology

(Date) -- A review of the origin of scale, the technology behind Scalewatcher, and signs to watch for after installation.

ScaleWatcher North America, Inc. (Oxford, PA) offers a new, non-chemical and environmentally clean technology to prevent and remove scales in domestic water-handling appliances and components such as hot water heater, shower head, nozzles in lawn sprinkler, taps, basins, toilets, and inside pipe walls. Hard water contains calcium and other dissolved minerals that accumulate on the surfaces of these water-handling appliances and components to the point where scale deposits cause significant performance reduction and nuisance.

The Origin of Scale

The main culprit of most scale problems is a supersaturated solution, in which too many mineral ions are dissolved. When conditions such as pH, temperature, and pressure change in a flow system such that the solubility of these minerals decreases, the electrostatic Coulombic attraction between the dissolved mineral ions and metal surfaces makes these minerals stick to surfaces. This is why scales are unavoidable without some active scale prevention measures.
How does the ScaleWatcher technology work?

The ScaleWatcher technology is based on the patented frequency-modulation technology (U.S. Patent No. 5,074,998). It uses a signal cable that is wrapped approximately 11 times around a pipe. The cable is connected to an electronic unit that sends a complex, dynamic current signal to produce extremely small (e.g., hundred times weaker than refrigeration magnets used in the kitchen), time-varying magnetic fields inside the pipe. The time-varying magnetic field produces an induced, oscillating electric field inside the pipe, a phenomenon that is well known as the Faraday’s law and has been ScaleWatcher maintains the benefit of hard water while eliminating the problems of hard water.

Hard water is desirable to our health since it is rich in minerals. A water softener removes these mineral ions by replacing them with sodium ions, for example, thus adding salt in water. In contrast, ScaleWatcher precipitates dissolved mineral ions into insoluble mineral crystals which move with water in a suspended form. ScaleWatcher technology provides all the benefits of soft water without adding any chemicals and salts in water.
What to look for after installation?


  • Look at all the problem spots in your home before the ScaleWatcher is installed and then compare the same problems spots in about three months. Things like your shower head, the end of your tap where a build up of scale is visible – that build up will start to soften and will then be able to be easily cleaned.
  • The ScaleWatcher unit is working if the LED signal is flickering to the top of the display.
  • Look for the hard deposit around your tap start to flake off.
  • You will also notice the water “feel” like it’s not as hard and will get a better lather or that your skin doesn’t feel as dry or tight after washing.
  • When you first install the ScaleWatcher it immediately starts working changing the physical property of the calcium making the water more soluble so it feels softer. Then, the scale in the pipes and water heater starts to dissolve into the water making it feel harder. Once the old scale build up in your pipes has been dissolved (generally, a couple of months), that softer feeling you first noticed will return.
  • Turn the float in your toilet ¼ of a turn. You will see the old calcium scale that was in the confirmed by a University research team in Philadelphia. The induced, oscillating electric field provides the necessary molecular agitation for scale prevention and removal. Of note is that the ScaleWatcher unit is not a magnetic device, but rather an electronic descaling device. surface submerged in water disappear and no additional buildup of scale will be on the submerged float any more. Compare the cleaned surface by ScaleWatcher with the untreated surface.
  • That slick feel you get when you first add salt to your softener will not be there, but you will notice a more even feeling than the extremes you would get from your softener.

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