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"Within a few days we received the Scalewatcher. The clear installation instructions made it very easy to install the unit myself..." - L.L., Monterey, CA

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Scalewatcher electronic hard water conditioner: magic or science?

Modern electronic hard water treatment systems like those marketed under the trademarks Scalewatcher® and EasyWater® have been called magical or miraculous; yet, their amazing results can be explained by basic physical and chemical principles.

San Francisco 12/12/2012 - Homeowners and commercial establishments with hard water problems around the country have been switching from salt based water softeners to the modern electronic hard water conditioning treatment invented and patented by Scalewatcher North America and sold by California based Aqua Genesis USA Inc.

The skeptics (and the threatened salt softener merchants!) have accused this technology of being “hocus pocus” and have accused called EasyWater and Scalewatcher a scam. However, most people who have tried it are delighted with the results. Interestingly, some who don’t fully understand how a cable wrapped around the pipe can bring such amazing results have jokingly called it “magic” or “magic beans”, and even some have called Scalewatcher a “miracle”.

Steven Kline, Facilities Manager of sixty six firehouses in Orange County (California) said in a letter: “I personally love this system and my plumber and I call this system, Magic Beans!”


Mrs. Susan Lowen of Santa Barbara, another happy customer said: "What Eduardo has done for us is a miracle. Now all that ugly scale around the faucets is gone and our fixtures are looking like new again."

Further from making such claims as magic or miraculous Aqua Genesis, the main distributor of Scalewatcher in USA and Canada backs up their claims with independent research conducted by Universities. The principle is rather simple: hard water is caused by dissolved Calcium and Magnesium which are in form of ions which stick to pipes, showerheads and heating elements creating hard limescale (all ions have an electric charge, like Ca++  and CO-). The Scalewatcher system has a computer which through a coil wrapped around the pipe sends electric fields into the water causing the dissolved minerals to become suspended in form of inert crystals (like CaCO2 or calcium carbonate with no electric charge). The Scalewatcher treated minerals, now suspended as opposed to dissolved, simply float away through the drain instead of attaching to pipes, showerheads, or your hair.

Scalewatcher can pay for itself in just a few months. Mr. Kline (Facilities Manager of 66 firehouses) also said: “I have estimated about $1,500.00 savings each year at each Firehouse that we have it on. Service calls for Dishwashers and Tankless water heaters have been reduced or eliminated. If you want clean pipes and great results call Aqua Genesis. (To read the original letter from the Facilities Manager click here.)


If you live in the USA or Canada you can obtain your own Scalewatcher system with free shipping, lowest price guarantee and money back guarantee at or for other countries go to . You will enjoy much nicer water while helping clean our environment plus you will indirectly (through Aqua Genesis) contribute to non-profits such as Greenpeace and Oxfam America.