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Health Concerns

(Date) -- Electronically conditioned water is safe to drink.

The Scalewatcher electronic hard water treatment system operates by winding a signal cable around the pipe work to be treated to create a weak magnetic field around the inside and outside of the pipe work. This field causes crystals to be created from the positive and negative ions in the water, e.g. calcium carbonate, although other types of crystals may be formed.

The Scalewatcher system neither adds nor removes anything from the water and there is no physical contact. The water treated by Scalewatcher, therefore has no adverse effect on health and can be drunk in the normal way with the crystals being dissolved by the acidity in the stomach lining.

Since 1989 over 100,000 units have been sold for residential use in the UK and the USA alone. There has never been any suspicion that the Scalewatcher system has been associated with health problems of consumers nor has there been any reference to health problems associated with the product from any organisation either government or consumer.
Although there has been no scientific research into this subject, I have no hesitation in stating that water treated by the Scalewatcher system can be safely drunk by consumers and will have no adverse effect on their health.

Some people ask questions about the magnetic field generated by Scalewatcher. Is it dangerous? The electric and magnetic fields used to have an effect on the water are very low in strength and have an amplitude much and much lower than the fields created by switching on your washing machine or switching on your light bulb.

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