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$17 Billion Chemicals Market to Suffer the Impact of Modern Technology

(3/24/2006) OXFORD, PA (PRWEB) -- Twenty companies serving the water and wastewater treatment chemicals market achieved 2004 sales over $100 million, according to a recent report by the McIlvaine Co. It said the largest supplier, Nalco, had a 7 percent share of the $17 billion 2004 worldwide market, and GE Water, the next largest, had 3.5 percent.

Companies in this market buy commodity chemicals in bulk, blend and package them, and then sell them in connection with services. Corrosion inhibitors are the single largest product category, with 18 percent of sales, the report said.

Entering the picture is a growing family of products that use electromagnetic treatments, which in many instances completely replace the use of chemicals. Using electrical impulses of varying intensity and amplitude, this technology takes the hardness out of solution in the form of a suspended precipitate that flushes out through the drains. As the water alkaline content increases, anticorrosive effects are achieved, scale is prevented and existing scale is dissolved and eliminated.

One of the pioneers in the field is Scalewatcher North America, manufacturer of electronic hard water treatment equipment. Invented in Europe by Dutch engineer Jan De Baat Doelman, with patents in USA and many other countries, Scalewatcher has been in business since the early nineties and has sold over 200,000 units in forty countries. Scalewatcher has a positive environmental impact by reducing the amount of chemicals being discharged into the environment and saving energy by improving heat transfer efficiency and saving water.

With the intention of capturing a portion of the 17 billon dollar industry in the USA, Scalewatcher North America has hired Aqua Genesis Co. to design and implement the marketing strategy in USA and Canada.

“My main motivation in doing this work is to help save energy, save water and reduce pollution” says Eduardo Jalles, engineer, founder of Aqua Genesis Co.

For more information about Scalewatcher, to acquire a system or to become a dealer, call Aqua Genesis toll free at (866)532-3083 or find them online at

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