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"I just wanted to let you know we LOVE our Scalewatcher.  It is the best!  If you have anyone interested and want to use us as a customer reference, please do so…" - JC, Kalamazoo, MI

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Commercial Water Treatment

Easily installed and requiring no plumbing, chemicals or maintenance, Scalewatcher will:

  • Remove scale from pipe work
  • Remove scale from heat exchangers and steam boilers
  • Reduce the scale in desalinization equipment
  • Increase the life of capital equipment
  • Reduce cleaning costs, chemicals & labor
  • Save water in Golf Courses
  • Save chlorine and maintenance in swimming pools
  • Provide a short term payback

With thousands of successful applications in Europe and North America, this technology will eliminate the need for salt-based water softeners. Here follows the exclusive line of Scalewatcher models represented by Aqua Genesis Co


Scalewatcher Commercial CM2

Aqua Genesis Electromagnetic Coil
for pipes up to 30” diameter.

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Aqua Genesis Products


Scalewatcher Commercial CM2

Scalewatcher Commercial CM2,
for 2" Pipe, dry environment.

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Scalewatcher Weatherproof CMN2

Scalewatcher Weatherproof CMN2,
for 2" Pipe, weatherproof

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Scalewatcher Commercial CM4

Scalewatcher Commercial CM4
for 4" Pipe, dry environment.

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Scalewatcher Weatherproof CMN4

Scalewatcher Weatherproof CMN4
for 4" Pipe, weatherproof

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Scalewatcher Weatherproof CMN8

Scalewatcher Weatherproof CMN8
for up to 8" Pipe, weatherproof

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"On this application, the Scalewatcher electronic de-scaling system has performed to expectation in preventing new scale deposits and eliminating pre-deposited scale. An observation by the GE Canada maintenance staff was that when the furnace heating element holders were disconnected from the cooling piping for standard cleaning, no evidence of hard scale deposits was found. It should be noted that the system has run free of chemicals previously used to prevent scaling." - Jason Todd, P. Eng. General Electric Canada


For Boilers and Steam Boilers, Calorifiers, Heat Exchangers Our patented electromagnetic scale prevention technology will effectively prevent scale in:
  • Boilers and Steam Boilers
  • Calorifiers
  • Heat Exchangers

Read these impressive reports on the performance of Scalewatcher:

San Antonio Housing Authority reports on Scalewatcher performance: "… the new boiler installed on 1/9/07 would be at the end of its useful life if the Scalewatcher unit was not installed." To read the full report click here.

Testimonial from Orange County Fire Authority

“We installed the first Scalewatcher System back in February 2009 at the main water inlet to our facility, since then we were so pleased with the results we soon installed 4 more devices in our other Fire Stations. (recently have placed an order for 6 more units)
… since we are using the Scalewatcher technology to condition our hard water, we have saved thousands of dollars in expensive maintenance for our tankless water heaters… I have estimated about $1,500.00 of savings per year at each Firehouse that we have it on. Service calls for Dishwashers and Tankless water heaters have been reduced or eliminated.
I highly recommend to anyone who is having any hard water issues and a tankless water heater system to run out and purchase this system before you have any failure and spend hundreds of dollars that you did not need to spend. I personally love this system and as I say my plumber and I call this system, Magic Beans!
If you want clean pipes and great results call Aqua Genesis.”

Steve Klein - Facilities Manager - Orange County Fire Authority

To read the original letter from the Facilities Manager click here

Diamond Organics Inc. "Since the Scalewatcher was installed we have no evidence of scale anywhere in our facility and our large water heater seems to be operating at full efficiency" - Jasch Hamilton, President

SweetRipe Drinks Ltd., Plate Heat Exchanger
Pfizer Goes Green, Disinfecting Tanks and waste water pipework.
Leiden University Hospital, Sterilizers
Heineken Brewery, Plate Heat Exchanger
Paper Factory, Humidifiers
General Electric Canada, Furnaces
British Steel, Clarifiers and Furnaces

Note: Please click on each title to read the full report.