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"I just wanted to let you know we LOVE our Scalewatcher.  It is the best!  If you have anyone interested and want to use us as a customer reference, please do so…" - JC, Kalamazoo, MI

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 Save energy, save water, save money, get the cleaning & beauty benefits of soft water and be eco-friendly !!!

Learn More About Our Salt Free Water Softener

  • Removes limescale from faucets, showerheads, water heaters, etc.
  • Water feels softer and kinder to skin and hair
  • Improves soap lathering, reduces soap scum
  • Improves water flow in severely scaled systems
  • Improves water heater efficiency, saves energy
  • Extends the life of water heaters
  • Easy Do It Yourself Installation (click to see how)
  • Gives soft water feel without the salt more benefits.



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 Important Facts:

Scalewatcher works on  PVC, PEX, copper, iron, steel and galvanized pipes.

Scalewatcher's effectiveness has been proven by independent research. Read reports here.

Scalewatcher electronic hard water conditioner or no-salt softener was approved by the Los Angeles Sanitation Department to replace the now illegal salt-softeners. Read the approval letter.

Scalewatcher no salt softener can save a home $500/year or $10,000 in a twenty year period. Read How.

Scalewatcher no-salt electronic descaler is a "must have" to protect TANKLESS WATER HEATERS.

Our salt free water softener is also great for SWIMMING POOLS: it removes limescale, prevents scaling, increases filter and heater efficiency, reduces chlorine needs about 30%.

 For INDUSTRIAL and COMMERCIAL applications, Scalewatcher™ electronic hard water treatment technology can save millions of gallons of water, thousands of dollars in no longer needed chemical treatment and resulting in lower energy bills.

Scalewatcher keeps your heating elements, showerheads and faucets scale free!

Clean showerhead and faucet with electronic conditioner

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Clean heating element with no salt softener

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Money Back Guarantee (click to read terms)
Lowest Price Guarantee
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Note from our Engineering Department:
Although many people refer to the electronic descaling technology as “no salt softeners”, in strict technical terms a water softener removes the hard minerals from the water (Calcium and Magnesium), since the electronic descalers keep the minerals in the water (albeit preventing them from forming scale) they are more properly called no-salt conditioners than no salt softeners, as they give the soft water feeling while they remove existing limescale. Unlike traditional water softeners, our electronic hard water conditioners provide an easy water treatment method requiring no salt or maintenance and costing about one dollar per month in electricity.

Aqua Genesis, dedicated to promoting eco-friendly hard water treatment technologies for industry, commerce and households. Save energy, save water, save money.

Scale Watcher electronic descaler also called no-salt softener, the easy water treatment alternative to salt based water softeners, it gives you the soft water feeling without the salt. Sold nationwide by Aqua Genesis Co.

AquaGenesis Co. no salt softenerAqua Genesis Co.
Distributor for Scalewatcher North America Inc.
420 Vista del Mar Dr. ~ Aptos/Santa Cruz CA 95003