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"Since Scalewatcher is installed I have no more hard scale in my bathroom and kitchen and the water feels softer." - A.S. Phoenix, AZ

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Scalewatcher Installation

Installation Instructions for Scalewatcher (short version)

Do it yourself installation is quick and simple - and does not require a plumber or the cutting of pipes.

Scalewatcher Installation Kit


  • Step 1: Locate the pipe where your water supply first enters your building.

  • Step 2: Secure the signal cable with a cable tie (provided), wrap the cable twenty times around the pipe, secure with another cable tie, wrap twenty times going back on top of the existing coil, secure with a cable tie. The finished coil should look as the last image below.


Scalewatcher Installation: Locate the pipe Scalewatcher Installation: Secure the signal cable
Scalewatcher Installation: Connect the signal cable Scalewatcher Installation: Connect the signal cable
  • Step 3: Connect the signal cable to the Scalewatcher™ unit and plug into 110 Volt outlet.

Scalewatcher works on  PVC, PEX, copper, iron, steel and galvanized pipes.

ScaleWatcher Descaler

Easy installation also means that, should you move, Scalewatcher™ is simple to disconnect and to take with you.